Iceborne weapon tree leak

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Doj View Profile View Posts. Read this before buying Iceborne, or even before updating your base game when Iceborne launches spoiler free. This thread is mainly aimed towards people who enjoy the game for the immersive world it presents, and the absolute freedom in gameplay when it comes to how you want to approach a hunt.

Iceborne was a massive letdown in many departments, sadly one of them being the most important one to me. It's actually baffling to me how Capcom can pump out a masterpiece like World and then flop so incredibly hard with Iceborne. I filled out their survey and patiently waited for the Rajang update hoping for the issues I have with the game to be adjusted, but none of it was touched and as such I'm dropping this game and likely not buying it on PC at all.

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Instead I'm probably going to buy World and keep it from updating past the pre-iceborne update The glaringly obvious issues with Iceborne, with no basis in opinion: The Clutch Claw mechanic, while it sounds amazing on paper, is over represented and the game has been largely balanced around it. There's so much unnecessary focus on the clutch claw that its reached a point where, UNLESS you continuously use it in every hunt, the flow and progress of the hunt will feel incredibly slow, like a total slog compared to World.

It makes the gameplay feel like some pseudo MMORPG boss fight, where you "have" to do certain activities in order to progress through the fight "correctly". It takes away all that feeling of fight freedom that World and honestly every single other previous game gave me, it's the very first game in the entire franchise that manages to not be fun Oh and the Clutch Claw doesnt even work properly most of the time.

Iceborne has more connectivity issues than the initial release of World Loading times are almost double that of world's for no explicable reason Small monster AI took a downgrade straight to the hell that is generation 1 monster hunter. All small monsters in Iceborne past High Rank are so extremely aggressive to a point where it makes you blood boil. Most of the time they completely ignore any large monster, which very much ruins immersion as well.

The Iceborne dev team took a fat dump on the locales and their monster inhabitants by carelessly injecting random monsters into every map. Cherry on top Iceborne gets half a dozen new invasion monsters, some of which dont actually ever leave rage mode meaning they will chase you to the end of the world UNLESS you dung pod them, commit to a 5 minute fight to make them sod off or use a ghillie mantle.

Said invasion monsters are in virtually every single quest making the entire game feel stale VERY fast. Hitboxes are horrible. There's very few monsters added to the game whose hitboxes are as proper as all of base world's. It goes both ways: some monsters' hitboxes are so laughable they wont even hit you with attacks that should definitely have hit you more than half the time, while others have generation 2 Plesioth hipcheck hitboxes.

It feels like I might be exaggerating, but this is the contrast drawn by how perfectly crisp the hitboxes are in World.

iceborne weapon tree leak

And my personal issues with Iceborne, opinion based: The Iceborne update introduces a clutch claw stagger. This makes me livid, I'm convinced the only reason this is in the game is because Iceborne is rushed and they couldnt make the clutch claw work properly in time, so they HAD to have something in the game to promote its frequent usage.

It turns the entire fight on artificial pause and it's by far my biggest peeve with Iceborne. What a joke. A lot of the new monster designs feel super lazy and copypasted. There's a severe overusage of "combo attacks" a la Odogaron except now half a dozen monsters do it, and there's also way too many instances of "monster powers up and has to be hit on the head x amount of times to stagger and trip them" a la Anjanath.

The Hoarfrost Reach isnt an offender of this To me, overall, Iceborne feels incredibly rushed and lazily designed, and this is the very first time a monster hunter game hasnt left an amazing impression with me, instead being severely negative But with bad things also come good things.

I hope to spare at least one other person from throwing away their money on this joke of a monster hunter game. Last edited by Doj ; 11 Oct, am. Showing 1 - 15 of comments.

Wombutt View Profile View Posts. Sad to hear.This is a list of all 14 weapon types available in Monster Hunter World. Each weapon type has their upsides, downsides, and different strategies.

Want to know what the final form of that Ore weapon will be? Check out these complete lists of every weapon for every weapon type. Can't decide what to pick first? Check out this video to see why these three weapons are the best for first-time Monster Hunter players:.

Of course, the main goal of Monster Hunter World is to have fun. So if you're having fun with a different weapon, stick with it, have fun, and happy hunting. See a description of each weapon below, categorized between Light, Heavy, Technical, and Ranged. Click on that weapon's tree to see a list of every individual weapon of that type and how to get them.

Precise and quick strikes. Great for solo play. Beginner weapon. Quick, small sword. Good for combos. Shield can be used to block attacks, and to bash, which can stun monsters. Can use items while shielding.

Quick attacks that allow for longer and more powerful combos. Demon and Archdemon modes make for more attack power, and more attack speed, respectively.

Large sword with slow attacks but great power. Charge attack deals massive amounts of damage, and its KO-damage causing shoulder bashes can cause stun. Can block at the cost of sharpness. Large and heavy, can deal vast amounts of damage in a single combo.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Space Armor, New Weapons, Snow Fights & More Layered Armor!

High exhaust damage. Can stun monsters easily. Long distance weapon. Comes with a shield.

iceborne weapon tree leak

Deals a good amount of damage and is safe, but is slow. Can be played differently dependent on Armor Skills. Similar to the Lance, but can fire explosive rounds. Wyvern's Fire can shoot out a powerful explosive. Quick and fluid attacks. Can send out Kinsect to retrieve essences that boost different powers. Allows for very easy mounting. Can grip onto a monster and unload elemental damage while in sword mode. Similar to the Switch Axe in that it changes between two modes: Sword and shield and heavy axe.Monster Hunter has always been armor and gear focused.

The main reason to hunt a monster multiple times is to carve new monster parts to put towards new armor and weapons. Quality gear is what keeps you alive when squaring off against powerful monsters. That means the gear you can forge is also more formidable.

Our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne weapons and armors guide offers tips and tricks to get the most out of your gear to really thrive on the hunt.

You know the drill. As you play through quests and slay monsters, more set options will open up at the Smithy. During our copious amount of time spent with Icebornewe unlocked more than armor sets. That number is daunting to say the least. Each piece of Viper Tobi-Kadachi armor has defense, along with decent Water resistance and mild Dragon and Fire resistance.

Constitution reduces stamina depletion and Quick Sheath lets you remove and stow weapons slightly faster. It also increases the proficiency of paralysis and poison attacks. The Velkhana set is, unsurprisingly, one of the best armor sets in Iceborne. It also happens to look the coolest. Velkhana armor pieces have defense and offer great resistance to Ice and Water attacks. The skills provided by Velkhana armor, especially the set bonuses, make it an unbelievably great option.

Attack power rises when your weapon is sheathed, then depletes as you use it. Fulgur Anjanath is one strong T. A full set will increase your stamina cap, which is particularly helpful in the frigid Hoarfrost Reach.

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Elemental thunder damage is increased. If you use thunder-based weapons, this set will help you against Nargacuga, Tigrex, Viper Tobi-Kadachi, and other monsters who are weak to thunder. The best skill it offers is Weakness Exploit. This armor also has the benefit of increasing item duration by 50 percent — an extremely helpful skill when using consumables such as Armor Skins, Adamant Seeds, and Might Seeds. The Nargacuga set is great against water and has some really excellent skills.

For light weapon users, the Stamina Surge skill is a huge plus, as it significantly increases stamina recovery.

I think that pastebin leak for Iceborne is legit (possible massive spoilers)

Is Glavenus rocking you with fire and blast damage? Craft the Uragaan set to increase your Fire resistance. Having trouble against Barioth? Lots of non-monster-based armor sets and weapons require bones and ore to craft. See a bone pile, search it. Walk by some ore? Take your pickaxe out and get to work. While monster sets tend to offer more skills, you can still forge a great set with just ore and bones. Complete bounties and quests to earn Armor Spheres.

Master Rank brings Heavy Armor Spheres into the fold. You want to save them up to fully upgrade the sets that you use most frequently.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide to know the updates and changes per weapon in the Iceborne expansion! Including new moves, Clutch Claw, and more!

In Iceborne, the Great Sword will have a powerful "Slinger Burst" move that can soften up a monster's hide. This can be combo-ed with the newly improved True Charged Slash.

This can be combo-ed with the new "Slinger Burst" attack that can be implemented before the attack. The Long Sword will receive a new series of attacks called "Iai Slashes" that deal higher damage, countering anything that monster attacks throw at you. The Iai Slash quickly fills your Spirit Gauge when you successfully land a hit.

iceborne weapon tree leak

With the use of the Clutch Claw, you can easily grab hold of monsters, especially flying ones, while sheathing or evading monster attacks. If you land the shot, you'll be able to attack the monster. In Iceborne, the Dual Blades can still elegantly evade monster attacks. With the addition of the Slinger Burst, Dual Blade users can use this move to counterattack with its short-range, high damage shots. The addition of the Clutch Claw in Iceborne improves the Dual Blades attacking power, adding new rotating slash attacks when the Clutch Claw attaches itself onto the monster.

This can also lead to monsters dropping Slinger Ammo. The Hammer will be able to shoot Slinger Burst shots even while charging attacks.

The charged state of the weapon will not diminish even if you've fired the Slinger Burst shots. The Clutch Claw is useful for Hammer uses as it also doesn't lessen its charged state when fired while charging. This way, Hunters can grab onto the monster and deal charged attack damage to soften monster parts. The Hunting Horn will have a new Echo Waves move that you can implement into the field. This leaves small bubbles that carry buffs for your teammates. When you use the Echo Waves move, you'll leave a bubble in the field for your teammates to touch.

When they touch the bubble, they'll receive status buffs. If you layer melodies before you produce your Echo Wave, you'll be able to put more buffs into the bubble you leave behind. In Iceborne, the Lance will have a Guard Shot attack, allowing Hunters to unleash Slinger shots onto an enemy behind their shield.

Using this move will render you motionless unlike other guard moves.

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With the Lance being able to use its guard moves to counter enemy attacks, in Iceborne, it will also be able to use the Clutch Claw as a counter attack.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I know nothing official has been said about augmented weapons as far as I can find via google but I've been working on making every final upgraded version Greatsword just on the off chances they'll keep branching forward for the Master Rank weapon trees. Was thinking about maybe doing that for a lot of the weapon trees, even ones I don't play or intend to play any time soon. Though that's more of a "bored, nothing else to do" thing.

Then I figured I'd ask other people's thoughts. Will the weapons keep branching in the same tree, or will Master Rank just get an entirely new section like the armor sets for Low Rank and High Rank have? Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. I think Master Rank Armor will have similar to what we have now with the brand new section. As for weapons, I'd have to guess that we can upgrade our current ones even further.

Looking for Iceborne weapon trees? Here ’s all of them through MR 99 | Technobubble

If they do, it'd be a great chance to make better weapon designs for the weapons. Last edited by Craniamon Lancer ; 20 Aug, am.

iceborne weapon tree leak

Originally posted by Chronosin Monkey :. I guess the next step for augmentation is either larger deco slots, more stats, or even straight up skills themselves besides the regular stuff.

Nerevar View Profile View Posts. Mastian View Profile View Posts. Nerevar is right, just wait. We have still a few months until the release for PC. Dude loves GS more than ls users love sao and instant noodles. Originally posted by LovelyBrain :.

Originally posted by Wolf Steel :. As soon as Iceborne drops, it will make all previous armors and weapons obsolete. Decorations less so, if you're not min maxing then you'll do with the old ones. Greb View Profile View Posts. Pick the weapon you really like, and work on completing the entire tree, bringing all weapon branches to the bitter end, I guess.

Then you'll be ready to upgrade further into Rarity 9 and beyond, when Iceborne hits, so you can get to the good version of your chosen favourite weapon as soon as possible. I guess. Or just gather so many materials that storming down the tree will only take five seconds anyway.

Doesn't seem worth farming for stuff though, just play normally. In fact just about the only resource you should probably be farming is Zenny, with maybe a side order of Research Points. That being said, I'm trying to grow at least of every growable item, lol. You never know what they might suddenly be required for, even though Iceborne will probably provide a whole suite of new ones anyway.

Originally posted by Greb :.Just like with World, its possible this pastebin is legit. It was posted on 4chan and several people have posted it already. According to this, Zinogre and Seregios are the 2 remaining flagships in Iceborne. This is entirely possible. Zinogre having rare weapons makes sense from the LS leakits usually a level higher than Narga Narga seems to stop at Rare weapons from the Insect Glaive line anyway and Zinogre has max rare weapons in other games.

Chameleos is present. It is one of the few older elder dragons missing from the game, unique skeleton or not. This is the shocker in the leak tbh, but we do have 2 sets of poison weapons in the LS leak. In fact, Narga not getting its subs somewhat aligns with its poor Insect glaive line, where it only has 1 glaive and a singular upgrade to Rare 10 or 11?

Im not sure.


Before anyone screams "But where is Yian Garuga? It may be our rare 12 poison monster. The "leaker", if fake, managed to do the traditional nomenclature for Subs, where Zorah and Vaal just have "Subspecies" at the end of their names in Japanese.

Yet, we receive full English names for them, as we should. Additionally, based on the LS tree leaks, Stalker Vaal would have the Paralysis element, while Chthonic Zorah would have the Water element, which aligns with them having Subspecies monikers.

Fatalis and its variant brethren are the DLC, which i can see capcom massively revamping the monster and its forms, as they did already with Lunastra. Who would have thought another high level "Kulu" monster would be included instead of Garuga? Making Zorah and Vaal subs instead of variants is signifcant if fake, its discrepancy many users here confuse, and they used it correctly.

The names are all extremely unique and well thought out. Just my observations in it. Its a very convincing list tbh and its very nearly the size of Worlds original list. Source: Original link. Tagged as spoilers since I might predict something on accident. Considering the pretty recent announcement concerning the expansion for Monster Hunter World, I started to wonder which returning monsters are probably coming to World. First of all, it is currently unclear if the game will feature more than one new map.

The icy mountain peaks in the trailer and the title of the expansion, Iceborne,…. This is a list of all the old monsters that could possibly be remade and put into World's existing five regions as free DLC updates. To be eligible for the list, the game must be confirmed foror there should be good reason to expect its release in that year.Check out the latest changes here!

I have listed out all the changes for 14 weapons in the latest expansion from Capcom. You can also see how it work with a short video for each weapon. This post contained more than 6k words at the time it is published, If you just want to see your beloved weapons, simply navigate using the menu below. It is easy to notice this new mechanic in these trailers by Capcom.

This will then enable a sort of mounting movement on the monster, ultimately lead to a powerful attack. But that is not all, let see what has been changed for this little gadget. During traversal, if you holdyou still can fire the Slinger Ammo by pressing as usual. This essentially empowered the Slinger in various ways, which highlight this utility in Monster Hunter World. The Slinger Burst is integrated with the main weapon depend on each attack.

Basically, all weapon can use the Slinger mid-combat by aiming with now. But some weapons will have associated moves with the Slinger to empower this mechanic. For each weapon, you will have an option to fire out a Burst shot in certain attacks.

Below is a quick summary on how to perform the Slinger Burst for the weapon that supports it, you can check the detail version down below. Previously, Slinger was used primarily for flashing and occasionally deal elemental damage Causing Boulders to drop With the Slinger Burst ability, Slinger can now be combined to your offensive attack.

R3 Guard Shot. Slinger Burst Mode Switch. R3 Axe mode. Slinger Burst is performed by pressing L2 during Wild Swing. Slinger Ammo can empower Kinsect.

R3 R3.

Is Max Might Dead? New MHW Iceborne Leaks: Skill Changes

The second upgrade to the Slinger is the ability to fire out a grappling hook. This is called Clutch Claw in Iceborne. This allows the hunter to quickly jump on the monster and dealing additional damage.


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